Various extracting equipment / High speed mixer

VARIOUS EXTRACTING EQUIPMENT* Special order specifications by customer

The equipment extracts molded products extruded from the die keeping the shape and dimensions in extrusion molding.

Various extracting equipment.

The molded products extruded from the extrusion molding machine are soft so that they are easily damaged and may have various levels of hardness and softness and viscosity and fragility depending on the composition of the requested materials.

Therefore, we conduct trial extrusion with the requested materials and propose extracting equipment considering the characteristics of the molded products.

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High speed mixer.
MHS type.

This is equipment for mixing powder materials and binders.

Mix the powder materials and binders at high speed.

Our high speed mixers, with mixing blades rotating at high speed in the material pod, are capable of dry blending with powder and mixing water with uniform dispersion in a short period of time.

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