What is extrusion molding?

The forming method is to push the clay with plasticity and fluidity into the leading edge of the die and extrudes it in identical shapes by using the screw or plunger method while deaerating it. Generally, it is said to be the most advantageous method for consecutive mass production of the identical cross section shape.

The vacuum extrusion molding machines are applied for mass production of exhaust gas filters(honeycombs), printed circuit boards (sheets), base materials for fuel cells (pipes, hollow plates), materials for cemented carbide drills (round bars), and siding board for building materials(cement, hollow plates) for example.

Feed clay shall be prepared by adding various types of binders and solutions to the powders with a certain characteristics and mixing at high speed, then transforming them into the clay with plasticity and fluidity.

In order to produce the high quality extrusion molded products, it is important to select not only the vacuum extrusion molding machines but also the equipment used in each process as described in the diagram below.

Our company is capable of coordinating the entire process from the mixing and extrusion to the take up.

What is extrusion molding?