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Extrusion molding

Extrusion molding machines

Miyazaki’s basic product line is the vacuum extrusion molding machine. Miyazaki is capable of offering a wide range of specifications that can fully meet customer demand depending on the purpose and use of the machine ranging from the tabletop to large-scale production and from fine ceramics to cement building products.

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Various extracting equipment

Various extracting equipment.

Molded items extruded from the vacuum extrusion molding machine are soft and easily damaged. Additionally, the differences in hardness and softness or viscidity and fragility depend on the raw material composition requested by each customer. Miyazaki has extensive experience in offering extracting machines suitable for the characteristics of raw materials.

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High speed mixer

High speed mixer.

High speed mixers blend powdery materials and binders. The mixing blades inside the raw material pod rotate at high speed to achieve uniform dispersion in a short period of time for dry blends among powders to water mixing.

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