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Living always with founder’s pioneering spirit. Only one company pursues extrusion technology

Over six decades ago, Hachiro Miyazaki, chairman of Miyazaki Iron Works Co,.Ltd., as a young engineer of vacuum clay kneading technology, aiming at benefiting the local pottery industry in his neighborhood Arita, Saga Prefecture by developing a cutting-edge clay kneader.
His pioneering spirit and passion as well as the technical know-how he achieved have been inherited uder the corporate motto “ONLY ONE” meaning a topnotch specialist maker of kneading and extrusion molding machines in the world, incorporating customers’diverse needs along with untiring efforts to further improve the technology.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Miyazaki Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Address Nakamura 2031-1, Kashima, Saga Prefecture 849-1304, JAPAN
Tel +81-954-63-4174
Fax +81-954-63-3730
Founded on December 12,1958
Capital JPN 15,000,000
President Tetsuya Miyazaki
Business Lines Design, manufacture and sales of vacuum extrusion molding, kneading and mixing machines, extruding die assemblies and take-out devices
Technical consultation on extrusion molding of inorganic composite materials
Main Bank Shinwa Bank
Customers 500 more domestic and overseas ceramics-related manufactures
500 more domestic building materials manufacturers


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1945 Hachiro Miyazaki, founder and present chairman, launched on his pioneering research work at Shiota, Saga Prefecture for developing a vacuum clay kneader to be used in the pottery industry.
1950 First prototype vacuum kneading machine completed.
1953 First commercial double-stage vacuum kneader completed and delivered to a local pottery, and won favorable reputation.
1958 Miyazaki Iron Works Co., Ltd. Established as a specialist maker of clay kneading machines.
1967 Head office moved to Kashima, Saga Prefecture. R&D of innovative kneading machines continued along with the advent of promising new ceramics in the horizon.
1970 A vacuum extrusion molding machine for high-pressure use and with easy temperature-control function developed.
Hachiro Miyazaki, staring in the first half of the 1970s, lectured at a variety of seminars on vacuum extrusion molding technology. The machine found its usefulness not only in the ceramic industry but also in other industries including catalyst honeycombs, electronic parts and cement wall panels, expanding its markets.
From 1980s Development of upper- and down-stream equipment combined with and upgrading extrusion molding machines started.
1996 To address diverse materials used in extrusion molding a proprietary plunger-type extruding machine developed, paving way for the development of complex extrusion molding machines of today.
1999 Tetsuya Miyazaki succeeded Hachiro Miyazaki as president, with the latter staying as chairman.
2002 A large-size honeycomb extruding machine developed. The machines were delivered to makers both at home and abroad.
2003 A new building dedicated to R&D activities constructed.
2012 A new large building dedicated to inspection has been constructed.